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Vigonail is a natural formula without acrylic or artificial hardeners that helps to fortify and protect healthy and beautiful looking nails.

For daily use.

Our nails are so much more than decorative spaces. Strong nails are essential for healthy and beautiful hands and provide important protection to sensitive areas of our fingers and toes. In today’s world, our nails are constantly exposed to water and products containing chemicals such as soap, detergents and cleaners. These chemical compounds can cause nails to become fragile and brittle. Many nail fortifiers in the market today promise to resolve this problem. However, many of these are composed of artificial acrylic hardeners that actually dry out the nails and destroy our natural skin keratin, leaving the nails even more brittle.

For this reason, VigoNail was created with a formula containing natural ingredients that provide proteins and vitamins in an Almond Oil base, naturally protecting nails from drying and helping maintain nails healthy. VigoNail contains a double dose of Vitamin E for a powerful, invigorating formula. Vitamin E is inherent in the almond oil and the VigoNail product is infused with extra Vitamin E for greater effectiveness. This added dose contains important antioxidants that help delay cell aging, prevent nail deterioration, and help to leave nails strong and healthy.


After filing and cleaning nails, apply a generous amount of VigoNail to help nourish and strengthen your nails. Lightly massage VigoNail onto the top of the nail’s cuticle area. Let VigoNail sit for at least 5 minutes to allow the product to penetrate the keratin of your nails. Afterwards, remove excess and apply enamel. After the enamel dries, apply a light layer of VigoNail on top of your nails and around the cuticle area. To maintain strong nails, apply VigoNail daily to nails with or without enamel.


Discontinue use immediately if irritation develops.


Olive oil, almond oil, phenylethyl alcohol, tocopherol acetate (vitamin E), lanolin, isopropyl myristate, glycerin, fragrance, hydrolyzed soy protein.


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